Box type explosion-proof air cooling unit

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Product Details

Application scenario:

Suitable for chemical industry with explosion-proof requirements of temperature control or temperature and humidity are required to control the place, divided into air conditioning, refrigeration, freezing three series

Standard product specification range:

5Hp to 25Hp

Product characteristics:

1. Explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof distribution box, explosion-proof flexible pipe threading, solenoid valve and other explosion-proof treatment measures are adopted;

2, the overall box structure, compact structure, beautiful appearance;Its structural characteristics give full play to the heat transfer ability of the condenser. R410 environmental refrigerant is used in the air-conditioning condition of standard products, and R507 environmental refrigerant is used in the refrigeration condition.

3, equipped with high efficiency air conditioning/refrigeration/refrigeration compressor, liquid storage tank, high and low pressure controller and other complete supporting, system protection function is perfect, the unit has high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, smooth operation, safe and reliable characteristics;

4, with explosion-proof type air cooler, explosion-proof type air cooler supporting use, can only control the temperature, but also temperature, humidity control